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You'll fit right in.

Wonderland Wellness offers yoga and massage for the misfits, the mad, and the completely bonkers.We believe that yoga should be fun and accessible to everybody and every body. And every body needs a little healing touch sometimes.




"5 stars x2!! I hate mornings more than anything, but I actually get excited for Sarah’s Morning Movement class!! Talk about letting misfits feel comfortable, it becomes a giggly morning!! As a beginner I am exited every class to see my improvements and I love how it puts me on a path to kick the days butt!! And massages... all I can say is Magic Hands."



"I loved working with Sarah! She listened to my concerns and helped figure out where I was feeling some pains in my back. I definitely will be going back!"

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"I have been having horrible shoulder pains from an injury this fall. Sarah was able to work out serious knots and tension so that I had my first night of pain free shoulder! It was very calming and comfortable – outright she offered a quiet massage or we could talk. ... Maybe next time I’ll meditate with her, she offers guided meditation too. Before I left she went over stretches with me and yoga poses that will help my shoulder. I’ll for sure be going back and plan on trying yoga classes with her too. For sure I would suggest 10/10"

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