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Who is Wonderland Wellness?

Wonderland Wellness offers yoga and massage for the misfits, the mad, and the completely bonkers. We believe that yoga should be fun and accessible to everybody and every body. And every body needs a little healing touch sometimes.

Hello everybody! My name is Sarah (she/her - RYT200), and I didn’t love yoga at first.

I dabbled, but I felt uncomfortable in most studios. I couldn’t afford Lulu Lemon, I didn’t have a long, lean “yoga body”, and I couldn’t twist myself into a pretzel. I stuck to more high intensity/strength based exercise like boxing or weight lifting. I’m muscular, but not particularly flexible, so I told myself this was my wheelhouse.

It wasn’t until I simplified and stripped my life down - quite literally to a van by the river(ocean) in New Zealand - that I fell in love with yoga. I wanted to surf. I wanted to spend hours playing in the ocean and riding waves, but I didn’t have the flexibility in my hips to get up. So, I decided to give yoga a real try.

I started small, but consistently, and I was shocked at how quickly my body responded. Not only did I gain flexibility, but stability, balance, and strength where I didn’t even realize I was lacking. I also became aware of my breath as a powerful tool and learned how to use it on and off the mat.

Yoga became a new way for me to connect as I traveled. I did get to surf and loved it, but yoga was more accessible. I didn’t need anything but myself. The mat I’d bought for $10NZ from a German woman I met hiking, traveled with me around the globe. Everywhere I went, across continents and language barriers, people wanted to talk about and try yoga.

I realized this was it! Yoga was the thing I wanted to share with the world, but in my own way. I wanted to offer yoga in a way that focused on inclusion, connection, and mobility/health instead of an image or some pinnacle pose to achieve. I truly believe that yoga is a wellness practice that should be fun and accessible to everybody (and every body).

I created Wonderland Wellness for that purpose. Now that I am fully vaccinated (as of May 5th 2021), I am so excited to finally be living that passion, and I can’t wait to connect with you!

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